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9936 Liberty Road, Randallstown, Maryland 21133, United States

410-496-4532 Mobile: 443-226-8491

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TKO Personal Training offers several personal training services that will meet the individual needs featuring One on One, Group and Specialty Programs. Our Professional qualifications meet all of the current Certifications with reputable Organizations which in turn aloud us to provide all prospective Clients with the most up to date Education and Nutritional Information that is essential for a safe and effective Program. TKO Personal Training programs involve continuous One on One Training  designed to help you reach your fitness goals quickly, efficiently, and safely. Helping you reach your goals of decrease body fat, increase energy, improved eating habits, build muscle strength and manage.injury.

Temple Building "Fitness For The Mind, Body, and Soul" For 1 Hour out of your 24 you can make a big difference.

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